Romantic Luxury Homes For Sale 21012

Old Plantation Music Park
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Price: $2.3 million
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3
Square Footage: 4,412

Not all classic country songs are about heartbreak, violence, poverty, drug or alcohol abuse, or a combination of the above. Many are downright romantic. Husband and wife performers George Jones and Tammy Wynette cranked out a few such love songs in their day, including “Near You,” “We’re Not the Jet Set,” and “Take Me.” Wynette always wanted to live in an Antebellum-style home like Tara in “Gone With the Wind.” Not long after the pair married in 1969, her dream came true. She told The Tampa Tribune in 1971, “This is the home for us. … It’s the only place we want to be.”

The house was built in 1902, and it is said that Thomas Edison and Teddy Roosevelt were among those entertained there. Once Wynette and Jones moved in, they called it Old Plantation Music Park, and luminaries such as Johnny Cash and Charlie Pride partied here. The couple had a guitar-shaped swimming pool installed and were in the process of putting in a studio, but the neighbors were not keen on it. The pair wrote the songs “Two Story House” and “The Grand Tour” about the house before moving out in 1972. In keeping with the drama-filled country song lifestyle, the

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