Celebrity Insured Body Parts

Keith Richards

Body part: Hands
Amount insured: $1.6 million

Keith Richards, founding member and lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones, knows exactly what got him where he is today: his hands. The Rolling Stone guitarist took out a $1.6 million policy thorough Lloyd’s of London, covering the hands that helped him become one of the greatest guitarists of all time. 

The Best Places to Go to Prison

USP Lewisburg

Number of prisoners: 1,424 (penitentiary); 554 (camp)
Location: Lewisburg, Pa.

The federal prison camp in Lewisburg, Pa., is adjacent to a maximum-security U.S. penitentiary, whose inmates have included Al Capone, Jimmy Hoffa, and John Gotti. What makes the camp special is the staff, Ellis said.

“The staff there is very happy,” he said. “The cost of living is cheap. The staff can hunt and fish to their heart’s content. The quality of life for the staff is better. People like to be there.”

Located off Interstate 80 in north-central Pennsylvania, the camp is also easily accessible for inmates’ families living in the Northeast.

The Best Places to Go to Prison

FCI Sheridan

Number of prisoners: 1,215 (medium-security); 483 (camp)
Location: Sheridan, Ore. 

Ellis says another well-run facility is the camp that shares the grounds with a medium-security prison in Sheridan, Ore. Sixty miles from Portland, the camp is in a “lovely area” of the state, Ellis says. For loved ones who come to visit inmates, there is a very “charming” country inn nearby, the attorney says.

Inmates can participate in a variety of organized sports, such as flag football, soccer, and volleyball. They can also get trained in a number of trades, including construction, personal fitness training, and landscape design.

Gadgets for the 'One Percent'

Samsung SUR40

Price: $8,400

Large capacity touchscreen devices are still in their infancy, but they inevitably draw a crowd at the Consumer Electronic Show each year.
Imagine a desktop computer set into a table that allows you to shift things onscreen around with your hands like you’ve seen on “Hawaii Five-0.”
Most makers are still in prototype; Samsung’s 40-inch, high-definition LCD panel that recognizes fingers, hands and other objects placed on the screen is the only one shipped to retail.

The Best Places to Go to Prison

FCI Otisville

Number of prisoners: 1,201 (low-security); 125 (camp)
Location: Otisville, N.Y.

The Otisville, N.Y., prison is where disgraced financial adviser Kenneth Starr now calls home. The money manager to the stars is serving a seven-and-a-half-year sentence for stealing $30 million from his clients.

There are actually two prisons at Otisville — the medium-security facility and a satellite prison camp for low-level offenders. It’s the prison camp that that Ellis prefers for his clients, especially for those of the Jewish faith.

“Otisville is prized by observant Jews,” Ellis said. “There’s a full-time rabbi, religious furloughs, and if you are an observant Jew, you are in with other observant Jews. There is a strong religious program there.”





evil. exquisite. exclusive. ECOSSE.

ECOSSE Moto Works, Inc. is the premier luxury marque of distinctive, limited-production motorcycles created for discerning enthusiasts. Founded in 2001, the company spent three years perfecting The Heretic through three complete prototype iterations. The final prototype, X-3, remains at the company’s headquarters and is reserved for a collector or museum.

While forming a cherished brand, ECOSSE intends to build several different models with the same underlying theme: a synergistic combination of innovation, craftsmanship and technology with a nod to the company’s racing influence. The models share chassis styling, materials and certain elements to instantly alert consumers of the ECOSSE pedigree. Yet each serves a distinctly different purpose and is handcrafted in limited quantities to motivate innovators, collectors and aficionados to place their names on the waiting list for each new model.

The Best Places to Go to Prison

FCI Morgantown
Number of prisoners: 1,299
Location, Morgantown, W.Va.

FCI Morgantown is a stand-alone prison camp in the college town of Morgantown, W.Va. — home to West Virginia University. While it started out as the Robert F. Kennedy Youth Correctional Facility, it now houses minimum-security adult males. Inmates looking to better themselves may get an associate of arts degree in business administration from Fairmont State College.

There are also apprenticeships available in commercial photography, computer technology, and plumbing. For those looking to blow off some steam, there is foosball, pingpong, and bumper-pool tables.

“This is a well-run facility,” Ellis said.

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The Best Places to Go to Prison

FPC Yankton

Number of prisoners: 868
Location: Yankton, S.D.

This stand-alone federal prison camp is in downtown Yankton, S.D., and was once a college campus. Inmates have the opportunity to leave the prison site and go into the community by volunteering for local nonprofits, such as Habitat for Humanity. The inmate and charity must be approved, and the prisoner is supervised by a representative from the organization.

Those who stay inside the prison camp may play sports, take art lessons, or play any of the instruments in the music room. There is also a library with hundreds of books.

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Celebrity Insured Body Parts

Heidi Klum

Body part: Legs
Amount insured: $2.2 million

Heidi Klum, best known as a Victoria’s Secret model and host of the TV show “Project Runway,” had her legs insured  by London's Phillips De Pury for $2.2 million during her time as a spokeswoman for Procter & Gamble's Braun shavers.

If the $2.2 million figure seems like an odd amount, it’s because her left leg is worth $200,000 less than her right leg. ”I had one scar here from when I fell on a glass, so this [left leg] isn't as pricey and this [right] one," Klum explained in a 2011 interview with Vogue.

The Best Places to Go to Prison

FPC Pensacola
Number of prisoners: 750
Location: Pensacola, Fla.

This federal prison camp is also on a military base — Florida's Pensacola Naval Air Station. Like FPC Montgomery, inmates have jobs inside and outside the camp, and can interact with military personnel. Inmates may also take part in activities such as movie nights, intramural sports, racquetball, and bocce ball.

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The Best Places to Go to Prison

FPC Montgomery
Number of prisoners: 973
Location: Montgomery, Ala.

The federal prison camp in Montgomery, Ala., is on Maxwell Air Force Base. While inmates can enjoy the music room, pool tables, and a craft room, Ellis says the best perk is the opportunity to work outside the prison camp. Inmates are employed as gardeners and landscapers on the military base. In fact, one of his clients once was a landscaper for the general’s house.

“The general’s wife would invite him in in the afternoon for lemonade and cookies,” Ellis said.

Prisoners can also take correspondence courses in business, psychology, art, music, and foreign language offered by Troy State University.

Romantic Luxury Homes For Sale 21012

Old Plantation Music Park
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Price: $2.3 million
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3
Square Footage: 4,412

Not all classic country songs are about heartbreak, violence, poverty, drug or alcohol abuse, or a combination of the above. Many are downright romantic. Husband and wife performers George Jones and Tammy Wynette cranked out a few such love songs in their day, including “Near You,” “We’re Not the Jet Set,” and “Take Me.” Wynette always wanted to live in an Antebellum-style home like Tara in “Gone With the Wind.” Not long after the pair married in 1969, her dream came true. She told The Tampa Tribune in 1971, “This is the home for us. … It’s the only place we want to be.”

The house was built in 1902, and it is said that Thomas Edison and Teddy Roosevelt were among those entertained there. Once Wynette and Jones moved in, they called it Old Plantation Music Park, and luminaries such as Johnny Cash and Charlie Pride partied here. The couple had a guitar-shaped swimming pool installed and were in the process of putting in a studio, but the neighbors were not keen on it. The pair wrote the songs “Two Story House” and “The Grand Tour” about the house before moving out in 1972. In keeping with the drama-filled country song lifestyle, the

Romantic Luxury Homes For Sale 2012

Broad Key
Location: Key Largo, Florida
Price: $20 million
Bedrooms:  5
Bathrooms: 6
Square Footage: 6,127

Living on a private island is a fantasy for many a landlubber. Arthur Vining Davis, chairman of Alcoa and owner of Arvida Corp. (and generally one of the wealthiest men in the world) was able to make that a reality. He set up his tropical retreat on the 63-acre Broad Key, the highest point in upper Key Largo, which can only be accessed by boat or helicopter. For the next owner to come along, it promises to be just like the film “Blue Lagoon,” only with a main house, guest house, caretaker’s cottage, solar generator power system, satellite dish communication, and video security equipment.

For those times the new islanders might feel social or need to run errands, the Ocean Reef Club community is nearby, with a fully staffed medical center, gourmet grocery store, veterinary care, and The Academy, an independent K-8th grade “school within a school.”

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Romantic Luxury Homes For Sale 2012

Five-Story Penthouse Mansion
Location: New York City
Price: $28 million
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 7
Square Footage: 10,911

At nearly 11,000 square feet, this contemporary five-story penthouse structure is officially a mansion, situated on top of a building in the Tribeca section of Manhattan. That kind of space in a private home in New York City is as rare and special as the purest true love heralded in the movie “The Princess Bride.”

This is one of the less-ornamented homes on the list — the romance is all around in the glimmering city view. Some jaded daters might complain that a good man is hard to find in New York. In answer to that, the master bath has a larger-than-life rendering of David by the Jacuzzi.

Celebrity Insured Body Parts

Jeff Beck

Body part: Fingers
Amount insured: $1 million each

Guitar legend and former member of the Yardbirds, Jeff Beck may be a master of his instrument, but he has yet to hone his culinary skills. Following an accident in the kitchen that threatened Beck’s career, he decided to insure each finger for $1 million.

The accident occurred in 2009 when Beck was cutting carrots for a stew and the knife he was using slipped, chopping off the tip of his of hisleft index finger.  Luckily for Beck, a quick trip to the hospital saved his finger – and his career, and now any irreparable damage done to his digits will, at the very least, secure his financial future.

Rock´n Cycles

Extreme Closets

Extreme Closets


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Romantic Luxury Homes for Sale 2012

Villa Belvedere

Location: Belvedere Island, California
Price: $45 million
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 11
Square Footage: 15,500

There is no touching back story on this property. It’s brand new. However, it is located on a private island with unobstructed views of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, ­Sausalito, and the Bay Bridge. If the prospect of a dinner al fresco with those views on one of the 6,000 square feet of terraces doesn’t ignite a romantic mood, the property has plenty of other diversions: A 50-foot Bisazza tile lap pool and spa, terraced gardens and separate pool house, private health club with sauna, steam room and gym, gourmet kitchen with butler and food pantry, and a temperature-controlled wine cellar.